Date Festival History & Links

Would you like to learn more about the Date Festival or the date industry in the Coachella Valley?

Special Coachella Valley Edition of Hidden Kitchens: 

“The Romance and Sex Life of the Date” an episode of Hidden Kitchens produced by the Kitchen Sisters and Lisa Morehouse for NPR’s Morning Edition. First aired June 10, 2014.

More on the Date Festival: 

“Harem Girls and Camel Races: Middle Eastern Fantasies in the Deserts of Southern California” A photographic essay on KCET’s

“How the Eastern Coachella Valley Used Egyptomania to Sell Dates” An audio slideshow produced with KQED’s California 

David Olson for The Press Enterprise “DATE FESTIVAL: Middle Eastern Roots Run Deep” (This article includes an extensive history of Arabian fantasies in the Coachella Valley and the Date Festival)

Ángela Maria Naso for La Prensa ” Contribuciones de los Mexicanos en el Festival Nacional del Dátil” (This article explores the Mexican American contribution to the Date Festival)

Other Links: 

The Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival: 

The Coachella Valley History Museum, Featuring the only Date Museum in the United States:

Sarah Seekatz Twitter: Stay up to “Date” on the Book and Other Date Festival History:

Arcadia Publishing, Bringing you America’s local history:



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